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Loses due to Mismatch for différent orientation ?


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I'm running a simulation with a Kaco inverter, only one MPPT.

The project is oriented both South and Nord, I was expecting a lot of mismatch losses due to the only MPPT but no. I only have “0.1%” (the same amount that with a Huawei inverter with 10 MPPT).

Someone have an explanation? Is this normal or is this a bug?



Thank you for your help !!



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This is quite normal.  The mismarch between strings of identical or close  voltages  is very low, even if you have high current(power) differences between strings.

The mismatch is only due to a possible voltage difference (TArray may be slightly different in different orientations, due to irradiance). In your case the orientation difference (tilt = 10°) is rather low.

You have a tool in PVsyst for understanding the Mismatch between strings: please open "Detailed Losses > Module quality - LID - Misatch" page, and press  "Detaied study".  




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