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Manually changing meteo data not working CMSAF


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I am currently working on a project where the client has requested that we use the global horizontal irradiation, horizontal diffuse irradiation and wind temperature from PVGIS CMSAF.

The client gave the following instructions which I followed:

Start with the default PVGIS import “PVGIS:TMY Sarah,Cosmo or NSDRB”

Then go to PVGIS (version 5.1): https://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvg_tools/en/#api_5.1 to download the following monthly data (PVGIS-CMSAF) for the location:

(i) Global horizontal irradiation;

(ii) Diffuse/global ratio (use this to manualy calculate the monthly diffuse horizontal irradiation);

(iii) Temperature;

Then overwrite the first three columns in PVGIS with this external data. Windvelocity and humidity remain unchanged.

I modified the site by going into choose site > open the specific site and changed  the data in monthly meteo.

This gave me a glob hor of 1134,7 a diffhor of 601,1 and an T_Amb of 10,8


Afterwards I ran the Pvsyst however on the main results page I can see that the used data is from the original PVGIS TMY import namely: globhor 1139,7  diffhor 557,4 and T_Amb 10,5 and not the modified version.

Please advice on what went wrong and how I can get Pvsyst to use the modified data.


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You need to regenerate a new .MET file that corresponds to the monthly data (see the example screenshot below). In the site drop-down menu, you should find the site you have saved with modified values. You should then use the new .MET file for the simulation.



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