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GHI to POA Irradiance Conversion


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I have a rooftop system with multiple orientations--same tilt, but two different azimuths. There is a single GHI sensor installed which I have pulled the operating data from. The only recorded data I have is GHI, E_Grid, and T_amb. I would like to convert this GHI data to POA for both orientations (two POA outputs), or as a single, weighted POA (one POA output, or as PVsyst calls it--GlobInc) for the entire system. Is there a straightforward method of performing this conversion? To my understanding, the data will need to be decomposed into various components and then transposed in order to get POA.

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There are basically two ways to do this.

First of all you want to import your weather data into PVsyst.

Then the easiest way is to make a PVsyst simulation with an output file. You can do so by going to the "advanced simulation" menu. There please define the "Output file". Among the outputs you can choose GlobInc. Once you are done, you should launch a simulation from the same "advanced simulation" window.

The second way is to use the "meteo tables and graphs" window, which you get either from the "Databases" menu, or from a project by opening the meteo file. From there, you have a series of tools to display the hourly data, including the Global irradiance on a tilted plane (so you have to choose a plane tilt and azimuth). You can export the data after showing it in a graph or table.

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