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BIPV Simulation


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Hello  PVsyst

I'm looking to simulate BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic), is it possible to simulate it using PVsyst.  Here BIPV means, I need cover building face or facade with PV Module at 90°.
If yes, then how can I do it ?



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Hello @Michele Oliosi

Thanks for your support, I tried to simulate multiple project as you described in your response.

At one place I got stuck, when I click on "Detailed electrical calculation". After choosing this setting, I have freedom to make my own string in "Module Layout". But I can't able to do it, if I make more than 4 (four) row of module as shown in image. I can't able to see all the tables at same time or one by one.

Do you have any solution regarding this problem. Please help


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There seems to be a bug in the window that we need to address, we will raise a ticket on this.
In the meantime the only option would be to use the automatic filling tool "Auto attribution". As long as the lower (the ones you can see) are correct, you can assume that the others are filled along the same pattern.

An example below:


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