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East west bifacial PV modules


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In PVsyst, is it possible to model the east west bifacial PV systems? When I try to model the 3D scene and come to the bifacial tab, I see only possibility of unlimited sheds and trackerrs, but cannot use bifacial option for several orientations. 


So if I had to see the energy yield and performance of the system, I had to model the east and west side of the system separately and then correlate the results?  

Would be happy to know your feedback on this. 

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Yes unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to use the bifacial model with several orientations.

One way would be to do as you write i.e. split the system in two and join both results. However, this will likely overestimate the backside production : e.g. the East tables will cause shadings that impact the backface of the West tables, and vice versa. These won't be taken into account when proceeding in this way.

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