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Import Tracker Tilt Angle with Custom Meteo?


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I am looking at importing some custom (measured) meteo data from a large single axis tracking system.

It is possible to also import the measured tracker tilt angle as custom data? Or is PVsyst limited to use of an assumed tracker tilt angle based on astronomical algorithm?

Could not see this as a possible option in the Measured Data > Import Custom file or the Databases > Import and generate meteo data > custom file utilities.


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Is it on PVsyst's product development roadmap to enable users to run custom 8760s of tracker (phi) angles? I see this as becoming increasingly important given the increasing prevalence of custom tracking/backtracking algorithms, hail + wind stow strategies, etc. Other, PVsyst-competitor PV simulation software programs (e.g., DNV's SolarFarmer) are reportedly already offering this modeling feature in their energy production simulations. Thanks.

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