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  1. Hi, I am looking at importing some custom (measured) meteo data from a large single axis tracking system. It is possible to also import the measured tracker tilt angle as custom data? Or is PVsyst limited to use of an assumed tracker tilt angle based on astronomical algorithm? Could not see this as a possible option in the Measured Data > Import Custom file or the Databases > Import and generate meteo data > custom file utilities.
  2. The hourly output file correctly exported the values of Auxiliary Losses (Aux_Lss) in version 6.72 but it no longer does so in v6.74. I reran several simulation variants in the newest release of PVsyst and all results were approximately the same (yield, PR, losses etc.), however the hourly output file only outputs 0 values for Aux_Lss at each timestep though. See below (v6.74 left and v6.72 right): https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/?ui=2&ik=2996e18ac7&view=fimg&th=164b586a161ccc0e&attid=0.2&disp=emb&realattid=ii_jjtdaide0_164b586897555739&attbid=ANGjdJ_LIr-XxgmpO6_ZPcGQh1jPTEsv5otwKCG7GhYtIy93PEsmJxmswIb3RQxmf4IIylcEMZjyGvAm9ffdABTjGZhuam_6R6jROO9EA6GmILl3gIDxuFnflq3Y_C4&sz=w1088-h728&ats=1532053864521&rm=164b586a161ccc0e&zw&atsh=1 I can calculate the annual aux loss values myself so it's not an immediate problem, but I thought I should post this anyway.
  3. Hi André, yes you are correct, but that's not the issue. Put simply, if I input a 27.17MW injection point grid limit PVsyst rounds this limit in the report to a single decimal place value (27.2MW), even though the simulation was done to 27.17MW.
  4. Hi All, I have been doing some modelling for a large single axis tracking solar farm recently which notably has an grid input limitation of 27.17MW. When specifying this value to two decimal places the menu appears to immediately truncate the value to a single decimal place (as per below). Most of the time the PVsyst report shows the same truncated vaue(although, very few times it has shown the untracated value). However, the hourly output data shows that the 27.17MW grid limitation is indeed in effect, as desired (as per below). showing truncation menu and hourly output It would be fantastic if the next update corrected (the appearance of) this issue, to reduce confusion when interpreting PVsyst reports. Cheers, Jake
  5. Hi All, Can anyone clarify the below: 1. What is "year 0" meant to be? 2. What degradation factor is employed for each year? For instance, if I specify year as '1' for a simulation is the degradation loss for that simulation equal to the default degradation loss you would see in the 'Ageing' menu when you select year 1? I would really appreciate a bit more guidance material on batch simulation in general.
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