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Meteo data of Australia


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With the new PVGIS 5.2 version, more meteorological data has been incorporated and we can see that Australia is finally covered.

However, I have been unable to import PVGIS meteo data from with PVsyst so far (using the "Known format" tool).

Is this something that will soon be implemented?



Default Solar Radiation Databases in PVGIS 5.2

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Good day,

I just wanted to say thank you!

I can see that's it has been implemented now ?

We can go to Database, Import a Known Format, and now we can import data for Australia from PVGIS-ERA5 (v5.2)

But you may want to update the data source description for ERA5, which is no longer "Europe only, 2010 to 2016".




Regarding the description of the ERA5 database, according to PVGIS website:

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