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Orientation in 3d scene differ from system parameter


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Hi guys, i have a issue, i need to help. i import sketchup model and define field in 3d scene. The model has 4 field with 3 orientation 8.5/180 8.5/0 8/180, but in the compatibility with orientation and system parameter table only 2 orientaion are recognized ( 8.3/180 8.5/0). While the system overview  table fully recognize the field with 2 orientation. I need exactly 3 orientation like model. Please tell me how ca i fix it. My version is 7.2. Thanks everyone. Good day.



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In the shading scene, you can access Tools > Orientation management.
There you should be able to manage the average orientations, by changing the tolerance.

Alternatively you can also create the three orientations (in the "Orientation" window) before importing the scene. You should then be able to assign the fields using the tool above.

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