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Histogram - distribution of irradiance (W/m2)


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I would be very interested in getting a distribution of the irradiance, on the x-axis the irradiance values in W/m2, and on the y-axis simply the number of hours.

Is there a way PVsyst can display such a graph (perhaps in one of the tools) based on the meteorologic hourly data?

There is a big interest for me with this kind of data, as PV modules are sold based on the Wp under STC conditions (1000 W/m2), while I believe these STC are rarely met in Nordic countries and there would be an interest in looking for PV modules which perform under low irradiance.

Anyway, an actual hourly distribution or frequency distribution of irradiance in W/m2 would give a really good idea, not just of the daily or monthly quantity or irradiation received (kWh) but really of the number of hours our PV modules is really exposed under such or such irradiance (W/m2).

Thank you in advance,

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Actually one of the default outputs from the simulation is almost what you need.

Since bin is the accumulated irradiance, you can simply divide by the bin irradiance (the x value) to obtain the number of accumulated hours. You can access the values by clicking on "Detailed results" > "Predefined graphs" choosing the right graph and then exporting the values.

You can also directly obtain an hours accumulation from the "Meteo Tables and Graphs" window, accessed when viewing a meteo file in the database, or from the project.


Hope this helps !


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