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Shading scene is altered between uses


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It's happened fairly frequently in our group that the specification of table sizes in the shading scene has changed when we reopen a PVsyst project to do an update (could be days or months since the original project was completed). Tables that were defined in terms of numbers of modules are now defined in terms of sensitive area. We have to go back and compute what the numbers should be, then change all of the settings ("by module," "number in x," "number in y," and sometimes orientation as well). This requires a great deal of effort. For example, I had to recreate 60 separate groups of tables today because I couldn't modify several of them at once. Can this be fixed?

Note: This is separate from the problem that the objects sometimes move relative to the background upon closing and reopening PVsyst. At least in that case groups of tables usually move together so it's faster to fix.


Laura H.

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Hi laurahin,

Thank you for your message.

Version 7 has seen its table size management system evolve so as to better correlate the definition of the system (PV modules) and the 3D drawing. This is the "by modules" mode.

Particular care has been taken to ensure that old files are not impacted and that what you describe does not happen (it must be believed that this was not conclusive in all cases :cry:).

Please contact us by email at support@pvsyst.com so that we can discuss your problem.

Note: it is possible to modify in grouped way with the advanced selection tools presented in the youtube video:

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