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Bifacial Simulation - N/S Slope Shading Scene included


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Has PVsyst updated their Bifacial simulation with the use of 3D Shading Scene? Previously, it didn't allow to use bifacial simulation when a 3D shading scene was imported.

I had imported a 3D shading scene for a single-axis tracking system, with various N/S Axis tilt values for the trackers (based on the topo of the site). I was able to run the simulation with bifacial system turned on. Are the results consistent and reliable?


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It still depends on the scene. PVsyst lets you use the bifacial model with a 3D scene in two main cases:

- fixed planes

- horizontal NS-axis trackers

Note that the 3D scene must always be regular, in terms of pitch, table geometry and orientations.

If for example the topography is too complex, PVsyst may not let you proceed.

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