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how to fix error in PVsyst? Please


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I have 2 problems

1." The PV field "table Row#1" is confused with or very close to the object "table Row#1 Col#2" such an error occurs. How do I fix it?

2. I want to change the space between PV modules. Is it possible to change? If it is possible, how to?

Actually, If I change the space between the PV modules, I thought, 1stCapture1.PNG.92a423b63dcedb14edc536bdcb074d33.PNG problem will be fixed. But I don't know how to do 2nd problem.

Please help me


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Dear Mubo,


Some fields look interpenetrating each other in your 3D scene.

Please export and send your project to support@pvsyst.com for an advanced analysis (from PVsyst main window "File>Export projects").




2. You can modify the space between modules from "Table size" tab of your field object:



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