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Patch 7.2.1


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Ever since this patch I have been noticing that the "Bifacial Global incident on ground" value in the loss tree is lower than in previous versions. Due to this, we are seeing a 2-4% decrease in our bifacial production modelling versus results from version 7.1.

Under the 7.2.1 patch notes I see there is a correction stating, "Bifacial: fixed an error in the computation of the diffuse on the rear side of bifacial panels." Is that related to the lower production we are seeing? If so, can you perhaps shed a little light (pun intended) on what exactly the fix was so we can better explain it to our financial partners?

Thank you!


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Sorry for the late answer. In few cases an error in the calculation for the projection was leading to negative backside irradiances.

Note that there have beeen many bugfixes on tracking / bifacial systems over the first few patches of version 7.2, so please always update the software to the latest patch.

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