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Error trying to use bi-facial modules placed on terrain

Brian S

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I'm trying to run my analysis using bi-facial modules set onto a ground profile. Once I have established my shading scene the model gives me the following error message 'Your PV system is not suited for the bifacial 2D model computation:' but fails to explain why.

The shading scene is correct and PVsyst has validated it, and is a direct copy of the built system I am modelling this on.

Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have configured it correctly, and have modelled bifacial modules several times before without issue.

I think I have solved the issue though. My tables were inserted by auto-filling my table zone. I edited a couple of the tables manually after this to reduce the size of the tables. When I checked the details of the tables that I hadn't changed the settings had shifted in the size definitions from 'by modules' to 'by sensitive areas'. I changed the setting manually back to 'by modules' and had to adjust the number of modules per table again as they seemed to default to a number that I hadn't specified. That seemed to fix the issue. Luckily my system is reasonably small (2MWp) as anything much bigger would have taken a long time to manually change.

Not sure exactly what the underlying issue was but changing this setting seemed to resolve it.


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