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Inverter clipping


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Hello everybody,

In the picture below you can see 2 graphs. The left one is the outputpower of the inverter MEASURED, the right one is the ouputpower of the inverter SIMULATED. It is clear that on the left, the inverter goes 'clipping' at a value of 8kW, why doesn't this happen when simulated in PVsyst? Does this have anything to do with the overload losses?


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Is the inverter in the model the same as the one in the field? Post a snapshot of your PV Array characteristics if you wish. It may be that the inverter has a curtailment setpoint preventing it from producing above 8kW. In this case, you will want to use a grid limit in the model. You can do this in excel to the 8760, limiting the inverter output to 8kW, or inside PVsyst under the energy management menu and apply at the inverter level. Uncheck "account as a separate loss" to include this in the "inverter loss over nominal power" loss factor.
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Hello, not sure if you fixed this but I noticed in your system config you have 1.5 inverters of 8kVA so system comes to 12kVA which is in line with your graph in the first post. If you want to simulate that one inverter measured in field, you may need to change your system config to just one inverter than 1.5. Hope this helps!


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