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Comparision simulation-measurements; parameters?


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We are two master students at the KU Leuven university in Ghent. Currently we're finishing our thesis; the evaluation of bifacial single axis solar tracker and the evaluation of vertical bifacial solar panels.

On the basis of PVsyst we will compare the measurements on the set-up itself. On the setup, we are measuring: inverter powers, GHI, windspeed en winddirection.

What other parameters do you recommend for the comparision between the measurements and simulations?

And lastly, how exactly do you represent this equation?

Yours sincelery

Yoline Vandeerstraeten

Emma Vanoverschelde

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I would recommend also collecting ambient temperature (Tamb) and plane of array irradiance (POA) at a minimum. With POA, Tamb, windspeed, and power output, you can conduct a capacity test according to ASTM E2848 to compare the model and measured data. Since you are considering bifacial, you might also want to include backside irradiance and albedo.
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