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Grid-connected PV system design


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I have asked here in this forum a lot of questions , but unfortunately I didn't get any help or answer from PVsyst team or from other colleagues.

Hopefully, I can get help for my question this time . Please can anyone explain to me this matter in PVsyst because I lost??

The problem as follows:

In Grid-connected PV system, in "system window" , then in "pre-sizing help" there are two options as shown in the figure "enter planned power" and another option is "available area (modules)". Now let's assume that I want to install PV system in specific location that have specific building area as an example "3472 m2".

Now in this case if I want to choose the first option "enter Planned power" . The question is How can I now that the entered power is suitable for this area ??? what is the relationship here between the area of the building and the entered Power?? Also , if I choose another option "available area (modules)" . this area related to the area on PV modules which is not related to the area on the location. How can I define suitable "available area (modules)" based on the location area ??


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