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Bifacial Modules Unrealistic Losses on PVsyst 7.2

Rafael Santos

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I upgraded to version 7,2 and found problems simulating with bifacial modules. I am having a few unrealistic values (e.g. View factor of more than 100%), I attached a image of the loss diagram.

Finally, I downgraded to the previous version (7.1.8) and the results were fine!


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Indeed, we just elucidated two bugs in version 7.2, for bifacial systems:

- One in the display of the report, where the “bifacial model geometry” section is not correct,

- The other is an error in the computation of the diffuse on the rear side of modules for bifacial tracking systems. This in turn largely affects the losses diagram.

We will be publishing a corrective to these two errors in patch 7.2.1, as soon as possible.

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