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Batch simulation in 7.1 is ignoring specified AC line Loss


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Have been using a custom excel generator to format batch files for use within PVsyst primarily to assess different sizing ratios for a system. This necessitated locking the AC line loss parameter to ensure it did not drift with system size. However, once updating to V7.1.0 PVsyst is automatically reformatting my batch parameter files and is not processing AC line loss as an input. The relevant line from the batch parameter files are shown below:

Working code for PVsyst version 6:


Ident;Create hourly;Trackers;Nb strings;ACWiring;Simul;

;file;Pitch EW;in parall;Loss;Comment;

;File name;[m];;[%];;[% STC];;


SIM_1; Run1.CSV; 8.21;258;0.75;test_variant;

PVsyst V7.1 automatically overwrites to this


Ident;Create hourly;Trackers;Nb strings;ACWiring;Simul;

;file;Pitch EW;in parall;Loss;Comment;

;File name;[m];;[% STC];;


SIM_1; Run1.CSV; 7.88;258;0.75;test_variant;

When running these batch files it sets AC line loss to zero - I imagine it has to do with the wiring being updated for each inverter instead of global but I only simulate one inverter in PVsyst at a time. Is there anyway to format the batch file to accept AC Line loss as an input? When I tried to generate a batch params file from within PVsyst it produced the same form as above which doesn't seem to work.

Thanks for any and all assistance!

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