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Designing with SMA or Huwawei INVERTERS


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Im trying to simulate a buliding with 2 orientation only...

in 1 orientation there is 288 panels (455W of ja solar) and i put in 110KW SMA INVERTER in 18 strings of 16 panels each .

In the second orientation there is 304 panels (....) and i put in 110KW SMA INVERTER in 19 strings of 16 panels each.

My problem is that to those inverters there 12 MPPT each BUT when i want to put for example 9 mppt's with 2 strings and 1 mppt with 1 string left ( orient #2) how can i do it???????

because in sma inverters there is the factor of power sharing between his mppt's and there is no any relation to how much strings do i put to each mppt like solaredge designing for example... so HOW COULD I DO IT ACTUALLY?

thx ,


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When you have a different number of strings on the MPPT inputs, you should create one sub-array for each configuration (for example one sub-array for the MPPTs with a single string, and another one for the MPPTs with two strings).

Then, in ‘power sharing’, you tell PVsyst which sub-arrays belong to the same inverter and how the power of the inputs is balanced.

You can also find more information in the help under:

‘Project design > Grid-connected system definition > Multi-MPPT inverters’

‘Project design > Grid-connected system definition > Multi-MPPT inverters: power sharing’

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