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Near Shading Simulation for Large Plants with Prohibitive Calculation Times


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I'm attempting to build a large scale plant in a 3D scene, but the calculation times are very long and I'd like to adjust the calculations to have a faster approximation. I came across this section in the help document, but I'm not sure how to implement it.


Definition by the "Orientation" parameter shed option

This option is most suited when you have a field of numerous and little sheds (for example "one-module" wide sheds), sufficiently long as you can neglect the edge effects.

Nevertheless, if you have to combine such an array with other surrounding shading obstacles in a very big near shading scene, for which the "near shadings" calculation is prohibitive: you can use is a very special mode:

- in the "orientation" part, you still define "unlimited sheds", ensuring a generic and quick calculation of mutual shadings.

- in the 3D near shadings part, you define an horizontal plane representing the ground occupation of your sheds. The shadings of surrounding objects will be computed on this horizontal plane, and the resulting shading factor will be a compromise. This is of course an approximation, but a good way when the sheds are so numerous that the near shading complexity and calculation times become prohibitive (usually in these cases of big plants, the row-to-row mutual shadings are largely dominating the shading losses).


I've created a 'Table Zone', but without any tables in there I can't use the shadings from the objects I've created to be used in the simulation. How would I go about doing this?

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