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Synthetic Hourly Data (PVsyst6)


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Dear Andre,

I am experiencing problems when generating the hourly data with the new PVsyst (V6.05). I introduced the monthly data (global, diffuse and temperature) but the synthetic hourly data does not match the monthly and annual sum for diffuse, and that led me to a "diffuse fraction error". It also adds wind velocity which I did not introduced (I guess it comes from the internal Meteonorm/NASA database).

I have tried with PVsyst V5.65 and it works, so I have imported the MET files into the version 6.

Any clue on what am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your support,


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You probably did not use the right procedure, and got the data directly from the Meteonorm 6.1 database.

You should:

- Define your own site in "Geographical Sites" and save it under a chosen filename (a *.SIT file)

- Open the button "Synthetic Hourly Data Generation" and choose the file you have created (normally appearing by default).

- Create your Synthetic file by clicking the "Execute generation" button.

This tool cannot create wind data !!!

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OK, the diffuse renormalization didn't work properly. I have corrected this for the next version 6.08.

And I also suppressed the Meteonorm Wind velocities, which appear "by accident" in the Monthly values associated with the site (but not in the houlry values themeselves).

PVsyst uses now the Synthetic Generation algorithm of the Meteonorm program, and I was not aware that these values were added by default.

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