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PVsyst versions prior to 6.05 are not automatically uninstalled

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Since PVsyst 6.05 there is a major change in installation strategy.

The installation changed from a "per-user" to a "per-machine" method. It means that every users of the machine will see the PVsyst shortcut. It was asked by several people.

The bad news is that the installer can not "see" the previous version because of this change. So after you installed version 6.05 you will still see the previous version on your system. You actually have to uninstall it manually. This is an easy procedure and it does not affect your PVsyst data which could be used in 6.05

To uninstall the previous version:

- Windows main menu >> Configuration Panel >> Uninstall a program

- Right click on "PVsyst" in version 6.04 (or a previous one) and "Uninstall"

- Accept uninstallation warnings.

Notice that this issue only happen once: future releases won't be affected, the installer will properly uninstall the previous version.

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