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solaredge with different orientation of modules


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A small garden house has a roof with space for 5 (250 Wp; 1640 * 992 * 40 mm) modules on each half of the symmetrical (10 degrees tilted) roof.

In principal I think it should be possible to use a Solaredge SE2200 with OP250LV optimisers.

I define a 'double orientation (heterogenous)' system with orientations of -15 and +165 degrees.

On each of the 2 subfields I specify '0.5' inverters and check 'uses fractional inputs' .

Now I see the number of optimizers in series must be between 6 and 11 , so for my system it is NOT possible as I only have 5 optimizers available in each orientation.

Nevertheless it seems to me using SOlaredge should be possible with just 10 modules as each of them will be treated separatelly.

So my questions are:

a) Am I right it should be possible to use Solaredge SE2200 with 10 modules of 250 Wp if orientations differ

b) How can I simulate my system having just 10 modules

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HI. I've seen a couple of old posts regarding Solaredge strings with panels at different orientations. I have a similar situation where at least one string on the same inverter will have panels at opposite sides of the roof ridge while this is totally fine with Solaredge optimizer architecture. Is there any update in this regards with newer versions of PVsyst? Thanks.
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