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PV Module Layout - Apply Table Layout for All Tables


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It would be desirable to have a button in the "Module Layout", which has the function to apply a defined layout respectively the defined mechanical layout parameter of one table for all module tables. Currently you have to do the module layout definitions for each table.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,


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I think I have defined these functions.

You have a button "Set modules" and "Set all modules".

And "Match this table" / "Match all tables".

When you resize a table it asks for resizing all identical tables.

And when attributing the strings "Distribute one Table" and "Distribute all".

Perhaps I have forgotten a parameter ?

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Dear André,

unfortunately the button "set all modules" is not working in my case. Please see the screenshots below.

The default setting for this table is shown in the second screenshot. The modules are arranged horizontally so that 39 modules are placed on the table. I changed these settings and according to the first screenshot. The modules are arranged vertically and 44 modules are place on one table. I pushed the "set all modules" button for table no. 2. After that i had to change the mecanical settings for every other table again.

I hope this example helps you to solve the problem.

Thank you and best regards,



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