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how to overload Solaredge inverters


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Hello, I am using V6.84

I am designing a system that overloads (15) Solaredge's 33.3kW inverters (actually (5) 100kW synergy) by ~151%. I am also using P730. I have worked on this configuration with Solaredge and have gotten their approval. What I need to do is put 4 strings of 19 optimizers on each inverter unit. I've having difficulty in getting PVsyst to let me do this though. When I enter in these parameters in the system definition PVsyst automatically changes my 15 inverter units to 20. I've tried to change the number of units and the strings per unit in the "inverter definitions for solaredge system" window but it never sticks. I also tried to change the Nominal Pnom ratio from 1.35 to 1.6 but again PVsyst automatically changes it back. I've also went into the inverter parameters and adjusted its Max input power but that didn't seem to have any affect.

Is there a way to do this? I ran the simulation with the 20 inverter units and it works but obviously it doesn't calculate the inverter overloading losses correctly and my resulting production estimate is too high.

Any help would be appreciate.


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I was able to run with your settings. Under project settings, change "limit overload loss for design" to 60% (something higher than your DC AC ratio), and in hidden parameters > System Design Parameters, Losses, Shadings, scroll down to solaredge section and change SolarEdge Inverters: Authorized Overload to 60%


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Thanks solarguru. I did as you recommended. At first it didn't appear to work but then I was able to go into the "String Configuration" and change the "nominal PNom Ratio" value to 1.6 and boom! Worked like a charm. PVsyst automatically portioned the string just how I wanted it.

thanks again

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