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Multiple Year Single File Hourly Output Simulation


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Is it possible to get a single hourly output file for multiple (25) years by:

using the same meteo data for each year

using a specified degradation percentage in the aging setting under detailed losses

specifying a grid limitation that is applicable every year

Thank you

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 I am running ageing simulation, i need to produce hourly files, for a few of the simulation years, but they are not produced. is that possible?

i ticked the generate report and output file tabs, and i get a pdf report, but no hourly file.


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The hourly output file generation is available if this option is activated in the original simulation. This can be done through “Advanced simulation > Output file”. When this option is activated, you can run the multi-year simulation again in aging tool and the output files will be in the “UserHourly” folder of your workspace.  

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