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tilt and azimut


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i'm pretty new for PVsyst, i'm working on a stand alone project,

for the tilt, should i change it to have the Loss 0%? what about the transposition factor that changes also with the tilt?

for the Azimut, is it related to the country position? for example we have a same azimut for the whole france? i got this information from a student but i'm not quite sure about it

thanks in advance PVsyst leaders

8-) 8-) 8-)

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Just saw your post, thought I could help you out.

The azimuth corresponds to the orientation of your system compared to the south (in the northern hemisphere) thus:

  • 90° azimuth will correspond to a system facing the west

  • -90° azimuth will correspond to a system facing the east


This parameter will correspond to the orientation of your roof.

As for the tilt, you should choose the configuration that optimise your production during the periods of consumptions. If your house is occupied exclusively during the winter, you should choose a higher tilt, while in a case of a house occupied only during the summer, the tilt should be lower.

Hope this can help you.


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