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String voltage mismatch


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1. Total voltage mismatch loss =

Mismatch loss (voltage drop due to wiring resistance)

+ Mismatch loss (voltage due to PV array temperature variation)

+ Mismatch loss (Specified voltage distribution tool)

e.g. 0.05%+0.51%+0.34%

2. What is the use of option "wires and results"? Is it total result?

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I don't see how you have evaluated these loss percentages.

By the way the mismatch losses are not cumulative, as each of them implies a displacement of the Pmpp on the I/V curve.

You have a detailed tool for studying the mismatch between strings: In the system dialog, "Detailed Losses > Module quality-LID-Mismatch", you can press "detailed study".

Here you can press F1 for a description of the Mismatch problematics.

Usually the mismatch between strings (in voltage) is extremely low.

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