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  1. 1. Total voltage mismatch loss = Mismatch loss (voltage drop due to wiring resistance) + Mismatch loss (voltage due to PV array temperature variation) + Mismatch loss (Specified voltage distribution tool) e.g. 0.05%+0.51%+0.34% 2. What is the use of option "wires and results"? Is it total result?
  2. How to calculate module quality loss from FTR report? Is it (total actual Wp from FTR)/ (total rated Wp)
  3. How can we add PID loss in PVsyst simulation, where there is no anti-PID protection in inverter? During module testing, we get a PID loss value, where can we add it?
  4. As per image attached of loss diagram for whole year, why 174 kWh/m² * 386518 m² coll. * 17.03% efficiency, is not equal to 11424 MWh ? Loss diagram for whole year
  5. We generally get loss values in loss diagram positive. Sometimes i get loss value of PV loss due to irradiance negative means adds energy, which is due to pan file of inverter. Is there any issue in pan file or it is normal and how?
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