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Fill Zone Error

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I've attempted to "Fill Zone" using the zone editor in the shading scene construction. I've got 0.20m spacing between tables, 0.02m defined in "field properties"-->"frame", and I don't even have "enable shadow casting" on. After I fill my zone and exit the shading scene construction, I get the following RED error (which won't let me proceed):

"The object "Sample table #3, Zone #1" is penetrating the PV field "Sample table #2, Zone #1". For more reliable shading calculations, please ensure a minimum spacing of 2-3 cm between fields and other shading objects!

All of my sample tables are automatically created by the zone fill function. How do I correct this error?

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This is likely due to severe terrain changes in slope. There are a couple things.


  • Keep increasing table spacing until it goes away

  • Manually move each table off of the adjacent one where there is overlap, then reset the table height according to terrain. Do a check under tools to move to the next error. Once the validity check returns no results, you are finished.

  • Ignore table interpenetrations in tools (I never do this personally)

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