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Bifacial: importing measured rear side irradiance


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Would it be possible to add measured rear side irradiance as an import variable for custom (ASCII) meteo files? This would be useful for performance validation on bifacial systems.



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Hi, thank you for the feedback !

At the moment PVsyst would not be able to use this information for the simulation, contrary to the POA irradiance, which can be converted into GHI and DHI and therefore be used as input for the simulation. We hence still need to address the question of how to use this information.

However we will keep your feedback in mind for an overhaul of the measured data comparison tool. This would be a simper use for this kind of data.

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When testing, the measurement device(s) is likely to not be directly behind structural elements. If PVsyst can calculate the shading and IAM loss separately, could we not take GlobBak before shading and IAM losses, and use the measured irradiance to replace/correspond to this value?

GlobBak = global irradiance on rear after shading and IAM

GlobIncBak = global irradiance on rear before shading and IAM


In this way for testing, we have a variable that corresponds to something somewhat represented by the measurement apparatus. And in terms of importing that data, PVsyst could then use this new variable to be replaced with measured data. 

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