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Collector field in sheds


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What is the difference between the "shed to shed" versus "baseline" slope in the basic parameters? I can't find it in the pvsyst help pages, there is only a definition of "baseline" slope here: https://www.pvsyst.com/help/near_shadings_pvplanes.htm 


>"baseline slope", which means that the base of the table is tilted  (for example following the terrain on a hill or transversally on a 2-sided roof).

which tbh I didn't full understand. Does this mean that the "shed tilt" would be in the reference frame of the "baseline tilt", so that the two would need to be combined to get the tilt in a global reference frame? Whereas the "shed to shed tilt" does _not_ effect the "shed tilt"? Thanks!

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The shed to shed slope, is the slope in the front-back direction of your tables, usually NS direction. Your tables therefore all have the same orientation (tilt and azimuth) but are at different heights due to the slope.

In the case of the baseline slope, we consider a slope along the bottom of the table, usually EW direction. Your tables effective orientation will be changed, since the orthogonal vector to your table surface does not correspond to the original nominal tilt and azimuth.

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