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Re: 25 years of Generation data with losses calculation


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As we all know that the lifetime period of Solar PV Power plant is about 20 - 25 years if we properly coordinate the Operations and Maintenance protocols. We are provided with the generation data of Solar PV power plant for the 1st year with the losses diagram after we have done a simulation analysis in PVsyst.

Is there any way to obtain the overall lifetime period generation of solar PV power plant with the losses diagram? Like every year we need to be provided and it has to be shown in the report as well.

Also, I would suggest adding the "O&M factor" in the Detailed losses tab in the workspace. It would be great to have the standardized technical information in the background of the O&M tab to assign the value throughout the entire life period.

Looking forward!

Thank you

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You can of course perform your simulation for any operating year, taking the ageing losses into account. You will get the corresponding loss diagram.

Now you can also perform the simulation for the whole desired operating period, using "Advanced simulation > Ageing Tool". The yearly evolution will appear on the report.

I don't see of which O&M factor you are talking about. This doesn't involve an energy loss, but only an additional cost. This cost may be defined in the Eonomic Evaluation.

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Hello André

I am using the ageing tool in the advance simulation, but the graph in the last page of the report shows that the energy yield is increasing up to the 7th year then declining until the 25th year.

Can you explain this please?

What is wrong with my simulation?

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Hi André,

My question related to this topic is:

Imagine we decide to define a Power Plant with a big DC/AC ratio. On the first year calculation we would get big clipping losses and won´t make sense. But if we look for a 25-30 years calculation, taking into account that the module quality loss / aging loss would dicrease every year this DC/AC ratio and in consequence the clipping losses would go down too so the production would not be so much less on the fisrt years.

My question: Is this clipping losses change calculated for every year and taked into account in the "Aging calculation" you are saying?

Thanks a lot in advanced.

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