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Hourly Output File - Auxiliaries (PVsyst v6.74)


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The hourly output file correctly exported the values of Auxiliary Losses (Aux_Lss) in version 6.72 but it no longer does so in v6.74.

I reran several simulation variants in the newest release of PVsyst and all results were approximately the same (yield, PR, losses etc.), however the hourly output file only outputs 0 values for Aux_Lss at each timestep though.

See below (v6.74 left and v6.72 right):


I can calculate the annual aux loss values myself so it's not an immediate problem, but I thought I should post this anyway.

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Sorry, there is indeed a big problem in the version 6.74 with the CSV Hourly files creation.

Many variables are null, or are not available in the list.

There is no workaround.

Before the publication of the version 6.75, the only way for creating relevant Hourlx files is to revert to a preceding version.

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