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tilting the PV Field from an imported scene


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Hello Team,

Is it possible to tilt the complete Field (eg when you realized the terrain is tilted a few degrees). I am talking about imported fields (eg from .3ds). Not azimuth, not the PLANE tilt, but COMPLETE scene in terrain tilting.

Thanks in advance,


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There are two features that may be useful in your case, they're located under the Tools menu, and they are called "Position tables on scene" and "Position and tilt tables on scene".

They will both place your fields above the ground (or other shading objects), following the slope. The second one will tilt the fields to also match the ground slope.

Is it what you are looking for ?

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Hello Sylvain,

Mmm not really (good tool though i didnt know it existed). Because if I do that they are then positioned coplanar to the ground and thats not my intention, what I need is to be pointing North (we are at South Hemisphere) but adapting to the terrain more or less, so what i try to find is a way to tilt the complete scene like a rigid solid. Eg you can do that in any 3D Design software like Google Sketchup...

BR Jose

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56 minutes ago, Biljana said:

Hello Team,


I am working on PV Syst 7.4, but I can not find  "Position tables on scene" and "Position and tilt tables on scene". Is it me, or these tools have been removed?!


Thank you in advance,



Dear Biljana, 

These options have been removed since PVsyst 7.2.4 (06/07/2021) because they were redundant with "Automatic altitude" 

You can select your PV tables and use "Tools>Automatic altitude" (or just right-click on the tables in the "Scene objects" list to see this option)


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