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.SIT file in Project Export .zip


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Hello- recently noticed that the .SIT file used is not included when exporting projects to a .zip archive using the "Files > Export Projects" tool on the main screen.

This is occasionally problematic if another user imports the project and attempts to import a meteo file (e.g. from observed data).

Is it possible to include the .SIT in the export by default?

Thank you,


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I agree w/ @johank that it would help to have the .SIT file included in the exported project .zip. If the .SIT is modified w/in the project, then perhaps that can take a different filename extension (.SIF, .SITm, .SITx, etc.).

e.g., When I want to import Measured Data for a given project (a posteriori), I want to use the same .SIT file as used in the pro forma (a priori) PVsyst simulation. Having to manually recreate this .SIT file (b/c it does not appear in the database) introduces the possibility of user error.

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This has been a problem for years. Looks like in in the release notes from 7.x.18 the latest release they actual fixed the ability export the .met finally.  But not .sit.  So the export project function is useless and confusing. Also, Does software still not export the shade scene as well? We've been manually hunting and pecking to compile all files for sharing with outside entities.

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I agree.  Having to pass along the SIT file separately from the project export is a nuisance, and frequently forgotten.  It always looks like you have it, since the SIT file information IS in the export file.

I also tried exporting this file, changing the extension to SIT, and putting it in the sites folder, but PVsyst doesn't find it.  Now that is bizarre.

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An example of when this is important is when we use multiple met files as part of a batch.  Those met files are also not included in the export, so we have to load them all again if another person needs to work on the project.  Of course, if they were included in the first place, the topic of the SIT file wouldn't even come up....   The export files definitely need work.


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