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Global incident below threshold


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Dear Mr. Mermoud

(sorry if this was brought up before, couldn't find anything in my search)

I discovered a new fractional loss, named "global incident below threshold" in loss diagram over the whole year.

Could you please briefly explain, what's the cause of this?

Is this new to V6.7.0?

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Dear Mr. Mermoud,

I already read you answer regarding the global incident below threshold.

I understand that the influence is very low but what is the "technical" reason for neglect the hours when the irradiation is below 10W/m^2 and how was it included in the Near Shading or IAM loss?

Normally, very low irradiation values and thus energy values should result in the plant not producing any energy anyway due to the minimum required power of the inverters.

Would it be wrong to reduce the threshold to zero in the hidden parameters?

Thanks for your answers

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