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Definition by the "orientation" parameter shed option


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I have a large, unlimited shed array with a billboard near it. I would like to incorporate the billboard into my shading analysis. It appears that the best approach would be the "definition by the orientation parameter shed option", though there is no step-by-step process to implement this in the help section.

As directed, I have defined my tilt, az, pitch, etc. in the "orientation" section. I am using "unlimited sheds".

In the Near Shadings section, I have created a horizontal polygon plane. I also created a triangular prism object. So, I have (1) PV field and (1) object.

Now what? My shading animation doesn't show the shading from the object move across the PV Field. When I go to tools --> check scene validity, I am told "no shading field defined". I don't think my shading scene construction is really doing anything. How does one define a shading field?


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I walked through it all with Arno of PVsyst, and found that you actually have to define "zones" within the shading scene construction, and fill it with "tables". The orientation parameters should be using "fixed tilt" not "unlimited sheds". This youtube video was really helpful for me.



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