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Ground image won't import

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I learned that the image was not importing because it was too large, not in file size (it was <1MB) but in number of pixels. After reducing resolution, I was able to import the image.

The help section's explanation of the transformation tools are still very unintuitive. I got this to work:

It seems x1 and x2 are only used in rotation, not scaling. They are just two points (in the original coordinate system when the image is imported) that will be rotated to be the x (west-east) axis.

I accomplished scaling by entering a value in "image base width", or the width of your full image.

"Distance x1->x2" doesn't seem to do anything, though. I left it at the default "100m" and my image scaled properly, even though my actual distance from x1->x2 should be 585.2m.


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