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Results parameters: ShdElec vs MisLoss


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Could someone please clarify the difference between these two parameters? As far as I understand, ShdElec is due to the electrical loss via shading (change in change in characteristic IV curve and operating point causes losses). MisLoss is the mismatch loss between panels: the panel with the lowest current is the driving current and hence causes losses due to mismatch. However, in my simulations, the MisLoss parameters stays more or less constant, regardless of how I vary the shading scene (even when there is no shading), what is the reason for this?

Thank you in advance if anyone can shed some light on this issue!

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Your explanations are correct.

However the mismatch between the performances of each modules have nothing to do with the sahdings.

For the mismatch due to modules: in the "Detailed parameters" dialog, please see the tool "Mismatch > Detailed computation".

For the mismatch due to shadings, please see the graph in the "Module Layout" tool, page "Shading3D": press "calculate" and have a look on the I/V curves.

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