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Bi-facial Modules - View Factor for Rear Side

Rafael Santos

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I recentrly ran a simulation using a bi-facial module, and I was trying to understand better the physics and results of it.

I came across a loss value of -78,82% for the parameter "View Factor for Rear Side" as shown in the loss diagram attached.

My question is how It came to this number, since my absolute results were:

- Global incident on ground: 1581 kWh/m²;

- Ground reflexion loss: 1265 kWh/m² (this value is ok, 80% loss due to an albedo of 0.2);

- View Factor for the rear side: 749 kWh/m² (this is strange, because I understand it is supposed to be (1581-1265)*0.7882)

Is it something I am doing wrong?

Best regards,



Loss Results


Loss Diagram

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I did some reverse engineering, and found that with the loss value of 115.95 kWh/m² (36.36%) everything work fine, including all the other losses!

Maybe there is something wrong with the values on the "View Factor for Rear Side" losses presented on the table?



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