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Import ASCII meteo file

PV Berlin

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Good day Sir,

I am using the 6.67 version of PVsyst and am trying to import my own daily meteo data file on PVsyst. [irradiance(on Module plane) and Ambient Temperature]

My main Problem is:

I have the 'Global on tilted plane' and the 'Ambient temperature' on a daily basis. As i start conversion, the result says: " The ambient temperature is not defined in the data."

What do i have to do to get results?

Best regards

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Hi Andre,

I have a similar issue to PV Berlin. I am using PVsyst 6.68 and trying to import hourly data for GHI and ambient temperature. The conversion completes successfully, but when I check the data quality I also see the error: "The Ambient temperature is not defined in the data." Is this error message erroneous, and how do I get useable data imported?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Sorry, this error message is erroneous.

Probably your import has not been successful, the MET file doesn't hold any data, and result in this error message.

We have worked a lot for improving this importing tool in the next version 6.71.

In order to help us understanding this problem, please send us your source file, the *.SIT file used for the import, and your *.MEF formatting file. Send them to support@pvsyst.com.

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Experiencing a similar issue while importing hourly values for "Global on tilted plane" and "Array Temperature"

Received an error that "the GIPMeas" data is undefined yet the data is in the file. Data is in 15 minute intervals, covers a full year and is in .CSV format. Using PVsyst version 6.75.

I attempted to attached the .csv file but received error that "is not allowed".



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Please send the following files to support@pvsyst.com:

- your original data CSV file,

- the *.SIT file of the location of your data (that you are using for the import), in the directory \sit\

- the MEF file (formatting file) you have defined for this import, that you will find in the directory \Meteo\

- the MET file you have created.

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