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Detailed electrical losses: Module Layout


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According to PVsyst's manual:

"the I/V characteristics of the partially shaded sub-module is evaluated (10% cells shaded for 1 corner shaded, 1/3 for 2, 2/3 for 3, 100% for 4 corners). It is again an approximation, but when inserted in the I/V full array characteristics the electrical effect is about the same as soon as the sub-module is shaded."

Full Calculations steps: http://files.pvsyst.com/help/near_shadings_electrical.htm

I wanted to know what the 10%, 1/3 and 2/3 (in step 2) meant with reference to IV characteristics?

P.S any explanation or further information on how PVsyst's calculation method would be much appreciated as I'm not sure I fully understood it.

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This percentage concerns the I/V curve calculation for one sub-module. It means that when 1 corner is shaded, 10% of the cells are shaded, 33% of the cells when 2 corners are shaded, etc.

This affect the I/V shape of each shaded submodule. By the way this real shape has almost no impact on the full sub-array shaded I/V characteristics. Only the number of shaded sub-modules - whatever the number of cells shaded - is significant.

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