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Dear user,

I hope you can help me on this issue.

I am comparing the measured data with simulated ones.

after checking the Meteo data which seem good with average time shift in a clear day is 2.

the RMS was 40% after elimination of erroneous data from the real data, it is still high 10 % as you see in the figure, any idea what I should check also.

I really need some explanation why it is still the result not good.

thank you


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In your first plot you have a "line of points" indicating that a string is not working. You should remove these points for the statistical evaluation.

Now the scattering of the data may be due to a lot of different causes. The first one being the Measurement's quality (and especially the meteo)..

You have several tools in the "Measured Data Analysis" for analyzing the discrepancies as function of different parameters, in relative or absolute values, as function of time, etc.

This should allow to identify the phenomenons (or simulation parameters) causing these discrepancies.

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