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Measured data analysis


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Dear Andrew and all user of PVsyst,

I am currently trying to run a Measured data analysis using PVsyst. I am feeding measured data for one year (24 hr data) which is at 5-minute intervals using the sensor box of SMA inverter(there are some missing data). I have some issues :

1- I have data from March2016_October2017, the PVsyst run simulation only for one year.so I want to upload the measured data from March2016_February2017.

I couldn't do it every time PVsyst try to find January and February of 2016.what I should do to let PVsyst accept some month of 2016 and some of 2017

2-when I upload the measured file and I check the data in ( "Data Tables and Graphs") I have this message "the clearness index of the best clear days is slightly low" in orange from the help of PVsyst seem acceptable to run the simulation or I should get message that result is good for simulation if yes what I should do to correct the data?

3-when we use the "Measured data analysis" the result of PR and normalized yield is it measured or simulated? I want to plot a comparison of measured and simulation of PR

4-I try to plot the PR and deferent yields from the measured file in "Data Tables and Graphs" but I get a message of "please define the array nominal power " after I define it I get the PVsyst error "An error occurred in PVsyst" i do not know how I fix this.

Please can tell me how i solve this issues :cry:

thank you very much


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When I use the tool>table and graph

On Special Graphs for the measured data, I plot the Input/output diagram it works (fig 1) but when I try to plot (reference Incident Energy or Normalized production or production normalized factors or performance Ratio )it does not work and I get this message can you please tell why this happens this?




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