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I recently updated my software to V6.67. I've imported a .pan and .ond file for my panel and inverters, respectively. I go to project -> grid system definition and can find the module & inverter I'm looking for. I select them, pick my numbers of strings etc. and click ok. I even ran a simulation, no problem.

The software is having a hard time retaining my component definitions, though. When I go to revise the configuration, I get the error message "No component available now on the market for this manufacturer" and it erases my previous selections. I have to re-select my module/inverter each time.

If I don't reselect, and hit "cancel" exit out of the grid system definition window, my "system" button turns red and I get the following error: Error while reading hte PV module "xxxx.ond" : File not found You will have to define another one in "System" definitions!

I open the definitions again and now I can't select my module; it said my module was invalid. So I close out and try to reopen, and now it's found the module exactly as I had defined it before.

I'm not sure what's going on it's just being very buggy every time I try to open the grid system definition window to make any changes. Note, this started after I went through my detailed losses and made some changes to match my project specifics. Help!

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