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SolarEdge optimizers - software freezing


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Our 6.6.6 PVsyst is totally freezing after we selected "use optimizers" in the "system" window of a project...

Is it an issue you already encountered ?

We are trying to simulate the use of optimizers with small PV modules (30W) which are connected in parallele. (approx. 6 PV modules per optimizers)

Thank you


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This has been corrected for the version 6.67.

When defining your "system" configuration, please avoid defining several sub-arrays from the let-top corner control.

After having defined your first sub-array, you can create a second one (copy of the first one) by right-clicking on the sub-array headre labels.

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I am currently using version 6.68 and still having this issue with SolarEdge optimizers. As soon as I select one type of optimizer the software freezes. I cannot go around this even trying different order of selecting inverters/optimizers. Is there a way to make this work?


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