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SolarEdge P700 optimizer - New treatment


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Hi Andre,

I am trying to model a simple single phase solaredge system with the new v.6.6.4 and I do not seem to have the option for the string size actually allowed by Solaredge with P400 optimizers into a 5 KW SE inverter. I am using JA solar 320 W modules and I believe that I should be able to string 15 modules in series. The guidleines from SolarEdge allow up to 5,250W strings however I am getting a message that the only string size possible is 8 modules, due to total power condition. Can you please explain why I have this limit?



sreenshot of error

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On request of SolarEdge, the reference Power for the evaluation of the maximum power is not the STC, but the maximum power attainable on the concerned site and for the concerned orientation.

Therefore the maximum number of Optimizers is not an absolute, it may be different from project to project.

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